Listen To Your Body

Your body speaks to you. That’s right. Deciphering your body’s message of discomfort, illness or injury and paying attention to its meaning can help you to resolve the problem.

Dr. John Kappas, in his book Professional Hypnotism Manual, proposes this:

The theory of body syndromes is based on the principle that, whenever an emotional trauma is present, a corresponding physical reaction will take place. These physical reactions, called body syndromes, will, in turn, reflect the cause of the emotional problem, according to the area or areas of the body that become affected by pain, pressure, or tension.


If you’re having a problem in your head or neck area, you’re likely experiencing the Crying Syndrome. Are you having difficulty making a decision or suppressing yourself verbally?

The area of your upper back or shoulders manifests the Responsibility Syndrome. Are you accountable for something that feels too oppressive?

For your arms and/or hands, consider the Fight or Reaching Syndrome. You may feel you have to defend yourself or are reaching for something you can’t quite achieve.

From your waist to the base of your hips is the Guilt/Sexual Frustration Syndrome. Do you have guilt, especially associated with sexual feelings?

Difficulties in your legs and/or feet may indicate the Flight/Running Syndrome. Do you feel you need to run from a problem or situation?

So, next time something in your body hurts or manifests a symptom of disease, before you shut it up with drugs, consider what else in your life
may be causing it. Of course, see your doctor for anything serious, but giving some thought to body syndromes can help you heal even more

Frances O’Brien

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