What Is Hypnosis Like?

Contrary to what you may have seen on television shows or in the movies, hypnosis is not a mysterious state, devoid of awareness, in which you can be made to do things against your will. Hypnosis is actually quite relaxing and usually very comforting. Often people are completely aware of everything that’s being said to them while they’re in hypnosis. Others are more prone to drifting thoughts during sessions. Some people even wonder if they’ve experienced hypnosis at all because of misconceptions about what it’s like to experience it.

“The best part is that hypnosis feels so good.”

Hypnosis is, in fact, a very natural state, which I highly encourage you to experience by contacting me through RelieveYourMind.com. You can make some incredibly positive changes to your life, but there are some misconceptions about it we need to have clarified first.

We go into and out of hypnosis during our daily lives several times a day, quite likely. The times when it’s most easily identified are during that dreamlike state we experience within about half an hour before we fall asleep and half an hour after we awaken. You’re also experiencing hypnosis when you can’t remember where you put the glasses that are on your face, or when you miss the freeway exit you take every day, because your mind is on something else. Any time you become emotional because of what someone else is experiencing in a movie, television show, or play, you’re in hypnosis. If you leave home at the same time you do every day, but later in the day, you can’t remember whether or not you locked your house doors, it’s because you were in hypnosis as you left.

Hypnosis simply means you’re operating from your alpha brainwave state. We spend quite a bit of time in that state. When you’re wide awake and very present, you’re in your beta brainwave state. When you’re sound asleep and unaware of what’s happening in the room with you, you’re in your delta brainwave state. Alpha occurs somewhere between the two. If you have a crush on someone, and you go about your daily life, but you can’t concentrate on what you’re doing, because you keep thinking about your crush, you’re in your alpha brainwave state.

During the normal course of your life, you’re not likely to realize a change in your state has occurred. When you’re in a session, however, your therapist will guide you through techniques to establish you in the hypnotic state in order to do beneficial therapeutic work. Whether you remain aware of what’s being said or your thoughts drift, neither is an indication that hypnosis is not occurring. Being in the hypnotic state makes it easier to follow your hypnotherapist’s suggestions in order to achieve your goals, however huge those goals may seem.

The best part is that hypnosis feels so good. You have a wonderful opportunity to relax, both physically and mentally, and to experience a capacity to learn and to change in beneficial ways you might not have realized were available to you before you experienced hypnosis. Many people subsequently notice their lives change for the better. Perhaps they’re able to get rid of an old, unhealthy habit, disconnect from a negative relationship or person, get through a test without anxiety, experience the deep and restful sleep they’ve been lacking, finish a project they’ve been avoiding, and/or comfortably make a public speech.

Whatever it is you want to improve, hypnotherapy can, most likely, help you, as long as you give it as much time and as many sessions as you need to accomplish what you want. Hypnotherapy is a wonderful way to effect favorable changes in your life. Results are frequently noticeable in a short period of time, and hypnotherapy is all-natural, so it’ll never be contraindicated with anything else you might be doing.

Call me today for a free discovery session to discuss what you’d like to accomplish, and let’s get you started living the life you’ve always wanted to live!

Frances O’Brien

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