Group Classes/Talks

“I enjoyed today’s class and the others I’ve seen, too.  I’ve been tapping since I started coming to your classes.”  C.D. North Hills  

“Very nice, relaxing presentation.”  K.E. Northridge  

“Your presentation was easy to follow.  So clear and helped draw out the deeper source of the issue.  I really enjoy the ease and grace of your willingness to be present with each of us.”  M.R. Van Nuys  

“Thank you for the visuals (charts) in class.  They were very helpful.  All of my questions were answered thoroughly.”  L.P. Van Nuys  

“I enjoyed today’s class very much.”  M.H. Mission Hills

“Thank you so much, Frances….. I so appreciate, YOU!”  T.C. Van Nuys

“Great techniques to release stress.”  E.C., Northridge

“I attended one of your classes and found it extremely helpful.”  M.R., Porter Ranch

“Thanks again for stopping by at this location and teaching. It was very insightful!!!”  P.C. Northridge

“We felt like there was some type of emotional release from the session.”  E.A., Northridge

“Several patrons have commented that your program was very informative and useful.”  W.B., Valley Plaza

“Just wanted to thank you for the talk at the Brentwood library last night. It was great. I am grateful that you took the time, and I learned some interesting stuff! Thanks again, and all the best to you!”  T.C., Brentwood

“Great class, thank you Frances, very detailed and informative.”  L.C., Sherman Oaks

“Time well spent. Thank you, Frances for the wonderful information.”  J.M., Granada Hills

“Very knowledgeable and helpful.”  L.P., San Fernando Valley

“Thank you so much for this morning. [Two of our employees] want to meet with you one on one. We will discuss having you come in with the bigger group. Thank you so much again. That was awesome!”   L.F., Transamerica

“Thank you for your peaceful demeanor. Please come again.”  G.H. Mid Valley

“All of the staff at Casa Montessori would love to thank you for your wonderful workshop once again! You provided us with so many useful tools for improving our work-day routine and helping our students with easy-to-use relaxation methods. We look forward to meeting with you again and perhaps scheduling you for future Teacher Workshop Days!”  K.A., Casa Montessori 

“Good presentation, easy to understand. Good coverage of subject.”  M.V., North Hills

“Excellent, articulate presentation!”  J.C., Ojai

“Great experience!”  I.O., Arroyo Seco

“What a great experience. I got so much out of it. Very positive and great instruction I will put to use. Thanks to Frances whom I will look into further education with.”  R.B., Sherman Oaks

“Very good meeting, had some interesting personal revelations that are very helpful.”  L.B., Panorama City

“Frances, I want to say that I am really getting results from this course. Thank You! It is shifting the way I think about food and the WAY I eat. That’s the key I believe…when your mind makes the change, the body follows. I actually enjoy my food more but eat less! I can feel the results beginning to take place.”  A.R., Lake Balboa

“Thank you for your generous attention and guidance in our peaceful session.”  J.W., Van Nuys

“Awesome, made such a difference in my situation!”  J.M. Valley EFT Tapping

“Wow. Great information. Thanks so much, Frances!”  L.G., Free Business Tips

“Learned some valuable tools that will be very beneficial I’m sure.”  A.R., Van Nuys

“Looking forward to trying this technique and hoping I take baby steps. Frances..thank you for sharing your knowledge and your most kind and encouraging energy.”  L.M., Van Nuys

“Gained deeper insight tonight from the group & your clear presentation. Thanks Frances. You make it easy. I’ll be back.”   M.R., North Hills

“Got results, so yes~ I’ll be back.”   R.L., San Fernando Valley

“So glad I found this group! Thank you, Frances! It was a pleasure meeting you. See you next week.”   L.U., San Fernando Valley

“Loved it, such great info in a caring environment.”   B.L., Burbank

Private Sessions

” Thank you!! I am so grateful for the work you do and for your perspective. It has really helped me get through the last 6 months! “

Z.Md., Modesto

“Thank you!!!”

R.C., Woodland Hills

“Everyone deserves to conquer their fear and you guided me through mine …. thank you ❤️.”  F.B., Lake Balboa

“Frances, thank you so much for our session beforehand!  It had a very beneficial effect on me throughout the tests and continues.”  S.E., Modesto

“I just want to say thank you for yesterday’s session it really helped release stuff.”  E.A., Northridge

“I want to thank u again. Every other day I do the mind therapy and for whatever reason it works for me. I do it in the morning and i’m good for the day. Your voice was very calm and comforting and that was the best.”  N.N., Brooklyn

“Fran thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart.”  R.W., Brooklyn

“Thank you, Frances! I so appreciate you!!!”  L.M., Woodland Hills

“I am SO grateful for the help and wonderful guide you’ve been in the last weeks helping me to heal from the inside out.”  L.T., Granada Hills

“You helped me through my darkest time. I will never forget that.”  J.H., Baltimore

“Thank you for holding such a loving and supportive space for my healing.”  C.T., Lake Balboa

“I’m lucky and grateful to know you and have you as my mentor and guide. May the peace and enlightenment you provide be returned to you twofold!”  T.M., Granada Hills

“I don’t tire with saying how grateful I am for you and your help. I look forward to what’s to come. All for my highest good!”  M.L., Van Nuys

“Thanks for making a positive impact on my life. I’m grateful to know you.”  D.L., Los Angeles

“I enjoyed how you guided me through imagery.”  J.O., North Hills

“I appreciate working through this painful situation with you and your wonderful healing energies.”  S.H., Panorama City

“I just wanted to say thanks for the great session!”  M.M., Van Nuys

“I like how [EFT] cuts to the core of the problem – with results. Thanks for the guidance.”  L.M., Mission Hills

“Once again that light bulb went off in my head. Things seem so much clearer after seeing you!”  L.A., Lake Balboa

“A Million THANKS!”  S.K., San Fernando Valley

“Thanks for the MAJOR aha breakthrough moment. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the love, and patience you put into every session with me! I don’t know how I can ever repay the compassion you’ve shown me!”  P.K., Panorama City

“Thank you so much for helping me so that I could have the confidence and clarity to be successful at work. I wanted you to know the impact that your work with me has had and how much I appreciate everything you are doing to help me!”  A.L., Tarzana

“Wednesday’s tapping session with you was wonderful …. With your help I’m feeling lighter and lighter! Soon I won’t only be smiling when I leave but I’ll be skipping as well. Thank you.”  K.P., Van Nuys

“I just had my first session with Frances in her Tarzana office. It was wonderful! Frances is incredibly intuitive, very kind, professional and an extremely well skilled hypnotherapist. If you have the opportunity to take a class with her or see her in her office, I highly recommend her.”   A.B., Canoga Park

“Frances is a wonderfully upbeat person with an enormous heart. She is an excellent hypnotherapist and will serve her clients well.”  C.B., Woodland Hills

“Frances has helped me with weight loss, self motivation and work issues. I have been working with her for about 6 months and have improved tremendously. She is personable and professional at all times. I highly recommend her.”  S.H., Los Angeles

“I want to thank you very much for your help. You are empathetic, warm and welcoming. You have all the right stuff Frances.”  E.H., Culver City

“I had left the previous week’s session filled with an enormous amount of excitability and positivity which felt wonderful, of course. After this session I felt similar and can feel an underlying feeling bubbling inside most days. I truly appreciate your caring and friendly manner, time and skills, thank you.”  S.M., Los Angeles

“Although we’ve only had two sessions, I’m so grateful to you and believe you’re helping me find my way back.”   M.S., Los Angeles

Reviews For My Books

“I learned so much!”

F.K., Sunshine

“I finished your book! It’s so full of positive attitude, just reading it was uplifting!”  P.A., New York

“My friend loved your book …… !!!”  P.K., Panorama City

“My compliments on your lively and clever writing in first chapter of your book – very good intro for the initiated an uninitiated alike.”  J.W., Van Nuys

“Awesome book! A must read for everyone!!”  M.G. New York

“I’m having a great time reading your book!”   P.K. Van Nuys

“It’s very informative, interesting, and well-written.”   F.K., Coral Springs

“Really well done, and a compelling, easy read.”   R.L., Brooklyn

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