Easy Shoulder Massage

When you’re experiencing stress, it’s quite likely that your shoulder and neck area will become stiffer and more rigid. The most rapid way for you to relieve such stiffness is via hypnotherapy or Emotional Freedom Technique. Please contact me to book a session.

“Of course, before you begin this, take into consideration your own health situation.”

Almost everyone collects stress in their shoulders and necks. For some, it might result in a pain or spasm that you become aware of as it nags at you. For others, you’re so used to the tension that you may not even realize its presence until after it’s released.

As I’ve discussed in previous posts, receiving a massage from a professional is remarkably healing and highly recommended. Until you can book that appointment, however, there is a quick, easy way to begin to improve the situation, relieve the discomfort, and make it less likely you’ll experience the problem again.

Of course, before you begin this, take into consideration your own health situation. Please consult your medical professional before you do this massage to make sure it’s safe for you to proceed. If you think it’s better not to do it at all or to do a smaller version of it, go with your instinct.

If you decide you’re safe to do it, begin shrugging your shoulders around in a circle. Shrug around to the back a few times and then to the front a few times. I usually do the same number in each direction, but that’s not absolutely essential. If you prefer to go in only one direction, it will still be helpful.

When you first begin doing this shoulder massage, you may find you’re only able to do a few, but keep at it, and you will be able to do more in time. Your flexibility and range of motion will likely improve, as well. Make the circles as big as you’re comfortable making them.

So many of us spend hours in front of our computers or other electronic devices, sitting in the same position for eight hours or more, at least five days a week. This lack of motion may very well cause your body to begin to stiffen, and, if you don’t make a concerted effort to restore flexibility, you may find yourself in great pain. Being stiff can lead to injury when you begin to do something as you normally do, but you may quickly discover you lack the usual range of motion required to do it.

This shoulder massage is quick, easy, free, portable, and best of all, it’s quite effective. Allow yourself a few moments each day – and, perhaps, each hour – to release the tension and stress of everyday life. Allow your positive energy to begin flowing through your system freely once again. Often, after I’ve done this exercise, I can feel the stress leaving my shoulders like a released, negative energy sliding off of my shoulders.

When you’re done, take a moment and acknowledge the relief you’re feeling. Notice it. Enjoy it. Give yourself this time to receive the healing. You can also do some deep breathing to further assist the passage of positive energy through your body.

Please peruse this website for more helpful tips on how release stress naturally and improve health. Also, feel free to contact me for a few private, online sessions in order to help you to live exactly the life that you want to live.

Frances O’Brien

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