EFT Principles

The principal behind Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT is that we have a system within us that transports energy throughout our bodies.

It’s similar to our veins and the way they move blood through the body. When these energy meridians or channels become blocked, which can happen to us at any time, there is always some negative manifestation of it in our life.

It might show up as pain, illness, bad mood, difficulty sleeping, weight gain or other bodily difficulties. It can even manifest as something that seems to be outside ourselves, like a difficult situation or person.


Emotional Freedom Technique Meridian endpoints

The wonderful news about all of this is that by doing EFT – that is, tapping on certain meridian endpoints while speaking phrases about the situation – we can clear away the blockage, get the positive energy flowing again, and often the situation becomes easier to deal with, or the solution becomes clearer to us, or, sometimes, it just goes away on its own.

EFT sounds simple and, really, is quite easy to do, but it’s also remarkably effective, especially when you work with a practitioner. Because it’s all-natural, it’s safe and never contraindicated. It’s also portable; you can do it anywhere.

Frances O’Brien

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