Words Have Power

How you talk to yourself makes a difference. If you tell yourself you’re doing something in an attempt to avoid illness, you’re focused on the illness. If, on the other hand, you tell yourself that you’re doing something because it’s a healthy thing to do, you’re focused on your health.


Make a conscious effort to become aware of the way you think and speak.

Find words that work for you. I say to myself a phrase I heard listening to Esther Hicks and Abraham, “Everything always works out for me.” Of course, it isn’t always true. Sometimes things go wrong, even for me. But I’ve found that not only do those words bring me comfort, but since I’ve been remembering to repeat that phrase throughout my day, my days seem to be going much better.

If you think what you’re saying to yourself is ridiculous, it won’t work. So, find words that feel good, that you believe. If you’re a religious person, there may be a phrase or a prayer that you find comforting. Maybe put a Post-It somewhere to remind yourself to say it.

From A Course In Miracles, I love the saying, “There’s a place in you where nothing is impossible.” Maybe the words of a poem or an adage are particularly comforting to you.

Lyrics are often soothing, or literary quotes. Maybe someone’s name does it for you. Use your Outlook calendar and set a reminder to go off every hour or two to say the words that work for you.

Write them on a tri-fold piece of paper and move it around every day or two so you don’t get used to seeing it. Give yourself this gift. And watch how your life begins to improve.

Frances O’Brien

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