When You Should Try Hypnotherapy

An estimated 50-70 million U.S. adults have a sleep disorder according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The National Institute of Mental Health informs us that stress can lower the capacity of your immune system.

Fear of speaking in public is even worse for most people than the fear of rattlesnakes, as reported by an article on WebMD.

What sleep disorders, stress, and the fear of public speaking have in common is they’re all problems that can be reduced or even eliminated
with the assistance of hypnotherapy.

When You Should Try Hypnotherapy clock
Get your conscious and subconscious in harmony

You might wonder why it’s so difficult to relieve certain issues on your own. It’s because of your subconscious mind.

From birth to about the age of eight, you simply take in information. Some of it is positive, like cookies, hugs, and kisses; some of it is negative, like vegetables, pinches, and scratches.

But whether you consider it to be positive or negative, you still take it in. It becomes known to you and familiar, and there’s comfort in that. This part of your mind becomes your subconscious, and it comprises about 88% of your total mind.

Around the age of eight, you develop the critical mind, a filter for the subconscious, so you’re no longer simply taking in information. From this point on, you’re operating from your conscious mind, the other 12%. This is where your reason, logic, analytical ability, decision making and will power are.

As an adult, you might have a new idea: you want to lose weight, quit smoking or do some other thing to improve your life. You analyze the
idea, it’s reasonable, logical, you make your decision to do it, and you summon your will power. Your conscious mind supports you completely.

Next this great idea meets up with your critical mind, the filter for the subconscious. The critical mind checks the subconscious, realizes this new idea is not known, not familiar, and it kicks your great idea right back out. This is when you feel self-sabotaged.

But you don’t have to accept defeat. You can get your conscious and subconscious in harmony with each other with hypnotherapy. During a
session, the critical mind is relaxed so that you can get your new idea into the subconscious mind and make a permanent change there. And you do all this while feeling nice and relaxed, enjoying positive imagery.

Can you think of a more enjoyable, more effective way to accomplish your goals?

Contact me and book a hypnotherapy session today!

Frances O’Brien

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