Pregnancy with Emotional Freedom Technique

There are many pregnancy meditation tools which can help with the issues often experienced by women while they’re pregnant.  Some pregnant women may have difficulty sleeping, others may experience morning sickness.  Some may have unusual food cravings, while still others may develop an aversion to something that’s difficult to avoid.  Whatever it is that the expecting mom experiences, it can be very helpful to use Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to ease any type of discomfort.

How can using Emotional Freedom Technique help my pregnancy?

Not only is EFT very effective, it’s also all-natural, and so it won’t have any adverse effects on the mom or the baby.  It also won’t interact negatively with anything else the mom may be doing at the advice of her doctor.  Using the process can also be quite meditative, and there are many meditation pregnancy benefits.  In addition, it’s free, it doesn’t require any special equipment or clothing, and it can be done anywhere the mom happens to be when an unwanted issue arises.  It’s easy to learn and it doesn’t require any meditation pregnancy skills.

[…] positive results can be experienced the first time you use EFT

What is Emotional Freedom Technique?

EFT is based on the same ancient, Eastern healing system that acupuncture is, but, instead of using needles and requiring someone trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine, EFT uses fingertips and can be utilized by anyone.  The healing system is based on the belief that you have within your body a series of meridians or channels, much like your veins or lymphatic system.  Instead of transporting something tangible, however, like blood or lymph fluid, these meridians transport your life energy.  Whenever you have any problem, anywhere in your life, it’s because there’s a blockage somewhere along the meridians which is keeping your life energy from flowing freely.

Along these meridians are certain spots known as endpoints.  When you tap on these endpoints while speaking phrases about the problem, you can release the blockages and get your life energy flowing again.  This technique can be used for any kind of problem: pain, injury, illness, weight issues, even for problems that seem to be outside of ourselves, like a difficult person.  It can be used for nervousness, anxiety, stress, depression, or any other emotion you may consider to be negative.  You can release bad habits using EFT.  Often, positive results can be experienced from the first session.

The technique was discovered by accident by a clinical psychologist named Dr. Roger Callahan.  Dr. Callahan had a patient with a severe phobia to water.  He’d been working with her for a year and a half, using traditional psychological methods, but she wasn’t experiencing any improvement.  One session, she mentioned that she got an awful feeling in her stomach whenever she was near a body of water.  Dr. Callahan happened to be familiar with the ancient Eastern belief system.  He was aware that the stomach meridian is below the eye.  Since she’d mentioned her stomach, he had her tap the meridian while talking about her aversion to water.  In that one session, she was cured of her water phobia, and it never returned.

How long will it take to Emotional Freedom Technique to see results?

As mentioned, positive results can be experienced the first time you use EFT. Since problems tend to have many aspects to them, however, it’s more likely that you’ll have to use it over time to achieve the results you seek, especially if you’ve had the problem for a long time.  Problems may seem to be one thing, but, as you begin to work with them, you may discover that they have layers to them, like an onion.  For example, if you happened to witness a pregnant woman experiencing morning sickness at a time when you were particularly impressionable, you may have developed a subconscious belief that the sickness must occur in your pregnancy as well.  By tapping on the issue of the morning sickness, you may be able to uncover that memory of witnessing someone else with it, tap on that memory, and, by so doing, realize that it’s perfectly possible to have a sickness-free pregnancy.

You can use EFT at any time during your pregnancy, and meditation can help to solidify its healing effects.  Read my other blog post entitled Using Guided Meditation to Thrive in Pregnancy and Postpartum, for details on how. After any session of EFT, it can be even more helpful to utilize a guided meditation in which you imagine your life the way you want it to be.  Both EFT and guided meditation are very effective techniques.  Let’s say that you’re experiencing back pain associated with pregnancy, and you’d like to use EFT to alleviate it.  Of course, always check first with your doctor to make sure there isn’t a bigger problem, but if it’s simply a matter of releasing pain, EFT is a great way to do it.

The first step is to write down a few details about the problem you want to release.  While you’re using EFT, you speak phrases about the problem, and it’s easier to see them in print before you than to come up with them as you tap.  As specifically as possible, write about where the pain (if it’s pain) is, what you think the cause may be, and any other details you know.

Next, choose a number from one to ten that represents how distressing the problem is to you.  That’s called the Subjective Units of Distress or SUDs number. Chances are pretty good that, if it’s bad enough that you want to change it, it will be higher than a five.  If it doesn’t seem to be especially bad when you have time to tap, but it did on another occasion, try to remember what that felt like, and choose that number.  The higher the number you start with, the more progress you will make.  Be honest.  It won’t help to choose a high number just for the sake of doing so.

When you’ve chosen the number, write a Setup Statement.  This is a specific-to-you version of, “Even though I [have this problem], I deeply and completely love, accept and forgive myself.”  If you’re having back pain, you might write, “Even though my back is in terrible pain, I deeply and completely love, accept, and forgive myself.”  You’ll either repeat this phrase two times during EFT, or, if you want, you can write three versions of it.  For example, the one above, plus, “Even though the pain is awful, I deeply and completely love, accept, and forgive myself,” and, maybe, “Even though this back pain keeps me awake at night (if that’s true), I deeply and completely love, accept, and forgive myself.”

Then you begin tapping.  The first place you tap is the outside, fleshy part of your hand, called the Side of Hand point.  You tap there long enough to say your Setup Statement three times or to speak each of your three phrases.  When that’s done, you tap the other points:  Eyebrow, which is the inside beginning of your eyebrow; Side of Eye, the bone at the side of your eye; Under Eye, the bone under your eye; Under Nose, the area just below your nose, so you feel it in your top gum; Chin, just below your bottom lip, so you feel it in your bottom gum; Collar Bone, about an inch below and out from your clavicle bump; Under Arm, about a hand’s width below your armpit; and Top of Head, the crown of your head.  You can tap points on either side, left or right, or both sides. As you tap on each point, speak a Reminder Statement, such as “All this back pain,” “The pain is awful,” “It’s so bad, it keeps me up at night,” and so on. 

Tap enough rounds that you begin to feel relief.  One round equals the three Set-Up Statements, plus five or six rounds of Reminder Statements.  When you feel some relief, stop tapping, take in a long, slow, deep breath, and reassess the SUDs number.  It should be lower.  If it isn’t, tap more.  The goal is to tap enough that you get your number down to a one or two, and maybe even zero.  If you use the process every day, you can make great improvement in a short time.  If you’re interested in pregnancy meditation classes with Emotional Freedom Technique, contact me for private coaching sessions.  We can create one that will really help you.

Will Emotional Freedom Technique help in postpartum?

Yes, EFT can be used at any stage of pregnancy, even as a meditation postpartum.  Whatever it is that you’d like to improve about your life, especially your pregnancy, using EFT to help you get there will be of enormous assistance.  Please contact me for sessions at

Frances O’Brien

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