How To Stay Motivated In The Workplace

Sometimes it’s easier to feel motivated when you’re at home, in your familiar surroundings, accompanied by family, friends, and pets, because comfort enhances motivation. When you’re at work, however, you may feel stressed, pressured, and anxious, which depletes your motivation. You may feel that management doesn’t care about you, like you’re just a cog in a machine. If you’re the employer, continue reading for ways to increase your employees’ motivation.


How do I stay motivated at work?

Set your intention to do so first thing upon awakening. As soon after as possible, sit in a comfortable place and allow your body to be as relaxed as possible. Take at least three long, slow, deep breaths, so your stomach expands as you inhale as opposed to your shoulders and chest. Imagine you’re drawing in relaxation. With each exhale, imagine you’re releasing any stress or tension.

Imagine next that you’re at the top of a flight of twenty steps, with as much light as you need and handrails on either side of you. When you’re ready, begin to descend the stairs, allowing yourself to become more relaxed with each step down, counting each step backward from twenty to zero. Use the pace that works for you. When you reach the bottom, you’re at zero.

Pretend you’re standing in front of a lovely, closed door. On the other side of this door is the most relaxing place you can think of. It may be a real place or one you make up. It may be somewhere you’ve been or somewhere you’d like to go. It may be indoors or outdoors. Take a moment to bring that place to your mind, then open the door, and step into that most relaxing place.

Notice whatever there is to notice around you. If you’re able to see things, notice what they look like: their size, their shape, and their color. If you’re able to hear sounds, notice what they sound like, and whether they’re near to you or far. If you’re able to reach out your hand to touch something, do that, and notice how it feels against your skin. This is your place of perfect relaxation, where you are able to bring about positive changes in your life, simply by setting the intention to do so.

Take a few moments to imagine yourself being motivated at work. Think about how you feel when motivated. Consider how you act when you’re motivated. Imagine what you’re able to accomplish when you’re feeling motivated. Make a statement to yourself about setting your intention to remain motivated at work. “I choose to be motivated when I’m at work,” or “I set my intention now to be motivated when I’m at work.” Choose wording that resonates with you.

When you’re done, imagine leaving through the same door through which you entered, closing it behind you, and, as you count up to five, become more awake and alert with each number. When you say the number five, open your eyes, and say, “One, two, three, four, five. Eyes open, wide awake.” Repeat that phrase at least once.

It may seem that imagining isn’t enough to effect change, however, using your imagination is very powerful. Your subconscious mind doesn’t like change, but, f you take the time to imagine it happening, it will believe it’s experiencing the state of motivation, will realize that it’s positive, and will be more likely to allow you to be motivated.

What can I do to improve my happiness at work?

Keep items around you that make you smile, like pictures of loved ones (human or non) or little favorite objects. It’s also important to replace them or move them around occasionally, so that you don’t get too used to seeing them there. Listening to music you enjoy can also be quite helpful. If you work in close proximity to others, please use headphones or a headset. Plants can lift your spirits. If you’re allergic or someone who works near you is, pictures of flowers are uplifting, too. Visual art can also improve your happiness at work. Print copies of your favorites and display them around you while you work. Again, it’s a good idea to rotate them, so you don’t get too used to seeing them.

Find a few comforting words or phrases, and write them into your electronic calendar. When the reminder appears, say the words or phrases to yourself and snooze the reminder for an hour or two later. You talk yourself into and out of states by telling yourself you’re experiencing them. That’s why it’s important to avoid speaking negatively to yourself. Your body hears and responds to what you tell it. Write your own comforting words or phrases, or use inspiring words from someone else. One of my favorite phrases is, “Everything always works out for me,” from Abraham Hicks. I also enjoy, “There’s a place in you where nothing is impossible,” from A Course In Miracles.

How can I help my employees be more productive?

Consider allowing yoga or meditation in the workplace. Office culture and motivation in the workplace are common partners. Many organizations utilize yoga or meditation in the work environment to bring about improvements in productivity, morale, and wellness. There are online programs, as well. When employees feel you care about them, they’re naturally more inclined to do their best and to experience pride in their work well done. They feel safe and want to do well.

For more tips, visit this website again. To arrange a coaching, hypnotherapy or EFT session, contact me.

Frances O’Brien

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