V. The Fight-or-Flight Mechanism


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Below, you’ll find an excerpt of Chapter 5 of my book Achieving Tranquility: How to Release Stress so You Enjoy Life More.

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What's Really Happening

When you experience stress, anxiety or panic, that’s actually a triggering of the fight-or-flight mechanism.  If you’re stressed about something like having too much work to do in too little time, you may not feel like your life is being threatened.  If someone asked you if you feel like you’re about to die, you’d probably say something like, “No, I don’t feel like I’m about to die, I’m just really stressed because of how much work I have to do and how little time I have to do it.” 

You may not think about death at all consciously, but your primitive mind is certain that your very life is in danger, and it has kicked into action.  It’s like having someone you trust implicitly (yourself; your own mind) yelling at you, “You’re about to die!  Do something to save yourself now!”

Of course, if you really had to fight or run to save your life, you’d need extra energy, and your subconscious mind knows how to make that happen, so it begins creating those changes within you, again, without your knowledge or approval.

When you’re feeling especially stressed or anxious, your digestion might turn off.  Digestion requires quite a bit of energy, but not as much as saving your life does.  If your primitive mind has decided that you have to fight or flee to save your life, it might turn off the digestion process in order to redirect that energy.  It does so by causing you to lose your appetite.  Your primitive mind will conserve energy wherever it can and divert it all into the effort to keep you alive.

Conversely, your subconscious mind may decide that a good way for you to get that extra energy is by taking in more calories and/or caffeine.  You’ve probably heard the term “stress eating.”  Again, your primitive mind knows you’ll need lots of energy to accomplish running from or fighting the threat to your life, so, it’s not going to tell you to have a stalk of celery or a nice, tall glass of water. 

It will, far more likely, give you an urge for candy bars, cookies, coffee or soda, because consuming that kind of thing will give you a burst of energy, which you definitely would need if you had to run or fight for your life.  However, in this case, you don’t, so, it’s all just extra calories and energy, which leave you feeling nervous, unsettled, and awful.

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