Your Three Clicks: Find Your Natural Healing Technique

Do you ever feel like Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz? When people talk to you about the mind-body connection and all the ways you can utilize it to make yourself healthier, then you try what they did, do you feel like you’ve been picked up, tossed about, and dropped into a foreign land, but nothing good came of it?

Perhaps you’ve known people who’ve experienced Reiki, or who swear by the healing properties of frequent massages; whose homes always smell so nice because of the essential oils being diffused, or who sing the praises of their hypnotherapists.

You may even have wanted to give some of these alternative methods a try for yourself, but you didn’t know how to discover which would be the right one for you. And you didn’t want to ask; after all, your friends sound so knowledgeable and experienced about what they do, and you don’t want to look foolish.

Perhaps you’ve even begun to research a technique or two on the internet and become overwhelmed by all of the information available. Well, now it’s time to do yourself a favor: reclaim your power, see to your self-care, and begin to experience the benefits. After all, if you don’t take care of yourself, who will?

“With this book, certified hypnotherapist Frances O’Brien has made the process of finding your natural healing technique down-to-earth, interesting and enjoyable. She’s compiled an informative guide that lays out in simple terms how you can easily find the right technique for you. She describes a number of alternative methods, what you can expect to experience in a session, and she’s even given you some of the inside scoop on several of the methods.

She has consulted with practitioners, shared her own knowledge and education, researched each of the systems, and experienced every one of them as a client. And, just in case you happen to be the type of person who wants to try a particular technique, but you don’t want anyone else around when you do it, she’s included step-by-step instructions for making the best use of several of the methods on your own.

Utilizing a natural healing technique that resonates with you is a wonderful way to be actively involved in your good health. It’s not meant as a replacement for medical care, but it makes an excellent supplement to it, helping you to remain actively involved in becoming healthy, feeling good well into your elder years, and enjoying life more every day. Instead of feeling out of control or at the mercy of your health or the healthcare system (or your friends and their gurus), using one or more of these techniques allows you to feel empowered and in charge.”

Achieving Tranquility: How to Release Stress so You Enjoy Life More

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